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Ravern StevensRavern was born in Chiswick and at the age of 23 joined the Metropolitan Police, within two years he was posted to the Criminal Investigations Department. It was here that his lifelong ambition to become a career Detective started. He was headhunted for the newly formed Area Major Investigations Department a specialist unit designed to investigate some of the most complex murder investigations across South West London.

On promotion to Detective Sergeant and Inspector he undertook several policing roles in the London Borough of Lambeth which included heading up the Robbery Squad. It was Ravern who designed and created a new Drugs and Firearms unit in Brixton to combat the escalating level of violent crime associated with increased drug dealing.

In 2003 he was promoted to Detective Chief Inspector and was appointed to the newly formed Directorate of Professional Standards leading a team of specialist Detectives engaged in routing out high level internal corruption and serious misconduct across the MPS.

In 2007 he was asked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to head up a counter organised crime unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina to tackle the rise in drug and firearm shipments from the Balkans into Europe. He oversaw a team of specialist international police officers running complex and dangerous covert operations against selected Organised Crime Targets. He was also asked to manage the Cold Case Murder review team and War Crimes unit investigating political murders and genocide.

On returning to the UK in 2009 he took up a further high profile role as the lead for managing all covert and overt operationally delivery for Specialist Operations Aviation. This involved protecting Heathrow and London City airport from Terrorism and Organised Crime. He had responsibility for over 400 officers. Here he was appointed as Detective Superintendent, retiring from the MPS having served a total of 30 years' service.

Since retiring he has undertaking several different and varied roles from completing a Masters in Information Security at Royal Holloway to working within the Immigration Department of the Home Office. This has also included working as a Police Advisor for a new supernatural crime series drama called the ROOK. Ravern is married to a Film & TV Set Decorator called Lucy Howe. It is the insight that she has provided to Ravern around the workings of the film business and his extensive policing experience that motivated him to develop his career as a police advisor to Film and TV.

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