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The policing landscape across the world is undergoing its most fundamental change ever. Police forces are finding that greater innovation and transformation are required to meet the increased demands placed upon them. Modern day financial pressures are creating a ‘burning platform’ that is pushing the police service to become less risk averse and more prone to making mistakes. The advent of cybercrime, the rise in violent knife crime, and gang related murders have placed an incredible strain on the average policeman working the streets of London today.

What Ravern offers any writer is an understanding and appreciation of the immense demands placed on the everyday policeman and how these pressures manifest in their daily life’s. He can call upon his own extensive thirty-year policing experiences gained at every rank from constable to detective superintendent to assist a writer understand a police officer’s real coping measures, their frustrations, and fear of making mistakes or physical harm.

As a retired senior police officer, he can provide an in depth understanding of the real-life feelings of a SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) called to a major crime scene or any similar challenging incident. Their concerns, fears and actions including the difficulties associated with supervising personnel and their commonplace home life conflicts. It is this vast array of experience that Ravern can call upon which can assist authors with narratives, plots and policing procedural direction to ensure a blend of authenticity and realism is woven into the threads of their stories.

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